Announcing the 2017 Faculty Award Recipients

Barbara Blue ’11
April 12, 2017
Courtney Hitchcock ’17
May 3, 2017

On an annual basis, several awards are presented to Roberts Wesleyan College faculty members for outstanding performance during the academic year. The following awards were presented today during the Celebration of Excellence Chapel and the Faculty Celebration Luncheon.

The Barbara S. Muller Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence is presented annually to faculty members in recognition of effective teaching. From the School of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Paul Stewart; from the School of Business, Dr. Joel Hoomans; from the School of Education and Social Work, Professor Kristen Chalmers; from the School of Natural and Social Sciences, Dr. Jason Taylor; and from the School of Nursing, Professor Laura Coles.

The Faculty Professional Activity Award presented annually to a faculty member in recognition of outstanding professional accomplishments within her/his area of training or expertise and apart from normal classroom activity, committee and campus obligations was awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Stevens, Department of Teacher Education.





The Donald Mohnkern Academic Advisement Award presented annually to a faculty member in recognition of excellence in the academic advisement of students, was awarded to Professor Carrie Starr, School of Business.

The Darlene E. McCown Faculty Service Award presented annually to a faculty member whose outstanding service to others and extraordinary caring as a member of the faculty was awarded to Professor Traci Birge, Department of Religion and Philosophy.


We are proud of our faculty members. Please congratulate them for their fine work!