Dr. Simon Njumbwa Sabbatical in West Africa
November 9, 2016
Glenn Harkins ’67
November 18, 2016

This successful alumni spotlight shines on Dalton Letta who completed the Bridge to Earning, Living and Learning (BELL) program in May 2016.

Letta is playing  the title role of “The Beast” in the musical production put on by Artists Unlimited. Artists Unlimited is a non-profit inclusive musical theater company that highlights performers of all abilities and seeks to break down barriers often associated with those who face physical or intellectual challenges. As a performer, Letta is not only participating in an activity that he loves, but also one that provides personal enrichment and growth. Letta said playing the Beast is very near and dear to his heart as he himself can identify with the character personally. Letta works at the Gates Public Library.

Artists Unlimited’s artistic director is Carl Wager ’71 who also graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College (Music Education). Marissa Koch a first year BELL student at Roberts, Kellie Avery’14 (BELL) and Fallon Kane’14 (BELL) are also in the performance .

For information on performances and show times November 10-12, visit:


More on Letta and the “Beauty and the Beast” show from Artists Unlimited: