Nicole Hungate ’17
July 10, 2017
Elizabeth Bender ’17 & Justin Bender ’16
July 17, 2017

Grove L. Armstrong ’53 (English) recently published a new book entitled, Meeting Jesus Christ: The Theology and Practice of Private Personal Worship.  Grove writes, “The Theology chapter takes away the guilt that so many Christians carry relative to their personal devotions and replaces it with the blessing it is meant to be. The Practice chapter emphasizes a simple incredibly important truth relative to building a relationship with Jesus that I have never seen suggested anywhere.  The Study Guide enables you or a group to explore the theology part in depth and put into practice the simple important steps to building a rich relationship with Jesus in his Word.  I have taught the material in the book for ten semesters at the church we attend here in Delaware. Almost everyone in the classes has expressed such ideas as ‘life changing,’ ‘the most relevant Sunday school class I have ever been in.’ ‘Meeting Jesus Christ has transformed my devotional time.’ Most explained that they came because they struggled with guilt relative to their devotional life, even though having devotions occasionally did little for them. This class changed all that for them.” For information on purchasing copies of the book, contact Grove at