Floyd E. Totman ’53
July 17, 2017
Christian Gardner ’16
July 26, 2017


Nelson Hill, Vice President for Student Development — 17 years of service

A 1977 Roberts Wesleyan College graduate with a degree in Music Education, Nelson has been on the President’s Cabinet since 2005 and has been an integral part of the administrative leadership of the College.

He began his career at Roberts in July 2002.  Nelson has served the College with excellence in several key positions, which have included: Professor of Chorale; Division Chair of Fine Arts; Academic Dean; Vice President for Academic and Student Support and, since 2014, the Vice President for Student Development.

He has been a model for God’s glory in his goodness, character, presence and mission-driven ways.  As a student, Nelson felt he received an educational experience that transformed him through knowledge and faith together.  Because of that, when he joined the staff, he made it his mission to put students first and to help them find their purpose and achieve their full potential.

During his time at Roberts, he also served on the RWCCT board and will continue in his retirement.

Upon retirement, he will spend cherished times with his wife, Karen, whom he met at Roberts and his 3 children and 12 grandchildren.  All his children graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College — Jason’01, Matthew’04 and Julie (Hill) Carpenter ’04.  Nelson and Karen plan to celebrate his retirement with a Mediterranean cruise this fall.  He will continue to serve the College for special projects and be on the board of Hope Africa University. The Hill’s attend Pearce Memorial Church, where he previously served as Director of Music and Pastor.  We are grateful for his service to Roberts and we pray that goodness and love follow him in his retirement.

Dr. Michael M. Landrum, Professor of Music & Film Studies — 33 years of service

Dr. Michael Landrum: artist, colleague, exemplar, friend, mentor, musician, pianist, professor, reader, teacher, thinker! In conversation, Michael exercises Southern hospitality and its accompanying pace of attentive engagement in discourse, apologizing for any need to hurry. He is a man of quiet reserve, a veritable peacemaker—except when engaged in the one context (other than a live performance or the Little Theatre) that will keep him awake past normal bedtime: His cutthroat force emerges in the game of Hearts, the only arena in which the term “vicious” can be applied to our otherwise unflappable gentleman.

Michael arrived at Roberts in 1979 and quickly became a valued faculty colleague. A constant source of encouragement, inspiration, and support, he enabled piano students to realize unforeseen potential and introduced countless students to the artistic world of film, to enrichment of the soul through the arts, and to values that transcend competing perspectives. He was committed to both preserving the cultural heritage and understanding the implications of foundational artifacts: film (silent, classic, avant-garde), German Lieder (Schubert, Wolf), literature (Shakespeare, Mann), opera (Donizetti, Mozart) piano (Brahms, Chopin, Schumann), and theatre (anything on a London stage!).

Whether playing hymns in chapel and church, performing in Shewan Hall and Hale Auditorium, or accompanying professional and student recitalists, Michael prepared as though he were cutting a new CD.  Delighting in his gifts, we were granted momentary escape from the mundane. The Roberts community will remain grateful for having encountered Michael: consummate artist, gracious colleague, and superb teacher!

Randy Ciaccia, Technology Support Specialist — 12 years

Randy served as Directory of Technology Support for the last 9 years. Prior to that, he worked at Kodak for over 25 years. He served as RWC Staff Association President in 2015. In his retirement, Randy plans to work on his garden, bake and spend time with his family.

Sheila Foote, Teacher Education Administrative Assistant –16 years

Sheila loved working with the teacher education students in her role as administrative assistant.





Cheryl Johnson, Program Coordinator, OM Program –17 years

Cheryl served as Organizational Management (OM) Program Coordinator for the past two directors of the program.  Prior to her 11 years with OM, she worked in student services.  She was known on campus as a compassionate woman of faith who was always giving her best to students of any age.  In her retirement, Cheryl says, she will “rest!”


Sharon Perry, Library Assistant — 31 years

Sharon worked in collection services and frequently assumed additional responsibilities in the library, including the reserves processing. She also served on the campus health care task force. Sharon has a servant’s heart and a willingness to go above and beyond. In her retirement, she looks forward to traveling and spending time with her family.




Jim Price, CLC Technical Director– 21 years

Jim was a talented set designer for college productions and the Roberts Wesleyan College Community Theater.  One special replica he designed and made was The Arch, a campus icon which was originally a gift from the class of 1926.  After commencement, students walk through the Arch, that Jim made, to signify their commitment to go out from Roberts and into the world to serve.



Donna Strachan, Office Manager, School of Nursing — 30 years

Donna was the Office Manager for the School of Nursing for thirty years.  She is known for her heart for serving the traditional nursing students and faculty.  In her retirement, Donna plans to spend time with family, bake, and travel.