Sesquicentennial Stories

Roberts Introduces Bowling Program
August 19, 2016
150th Celebration Homecoming
August 19, 2016


Lakiah Huff ’16

Roberts has transformed me into a more patient woman. Coming into Roberts, I was young-minded and shallow. I didn’t take time to hear other people’s opinions. Now, I may not agree with someone, but I will at least hear them out. Someone who took part in my transformation was one of my professors. Carrie Starr has been a huge influence on me since freshman year. She’s always willing to lend an ear, offer advice and work with students on a personal level.
— Lakiah Huff, Business Management 2016



Ervin Starr

Hearing the story of President Bill Crothers and his wife, Rilla, made me think, “This is a place I want to work.” Dr. David Basinger, a Professor of Philosophical Ethics at the time, shared a scenario in his class where the Crothers were found to be cannibals who cooked up unsuspecting students and made meatballs of them to serve their guests. Upon hearing about the class, Rill and Bill made meatballs and brought them to the Phil Ethics class. The story served as impetus for me to do a few “unorthodox” activities with my students, including shooting blow-guns in class, turning everything in Dean Bovee’s office upside down, and asking students to stand on tables, sit on floors or dance blindfolded in the hallway.”
— Ervin Starr, Professor of Management; Director, Undergraduate Business Program



Harlan Dotson ’59

In the fall of 1955, my freshman year, Roberts had never had a soccer team. I got together with Ed Stam, Jack Bates, Gary Chatterton and a couple of other friends in Roberts Hall Dorm (by the way, that was the last year Roberts Hall was used as a dorm) and we asked Garth Stam, the basketball coach, if we could start a soccer team. Garth agreed and we put together a really good team and Garth quickly filled a schedule. Roberts has had soccer every year since. It was a lot of fun. Basketball started right after soccer and we were in great shape from all the running. I was able to start at point guard to my surprise, which made my freshman year so great.
— Harlan Dotson, 1959



Cheryl Johnson

Roberts transforms its students. My daughter was a Psychology major and my son was a Religion and Philosophy major at Roberts. I watched my shy daughter grow into a very independent woman who was willing to go out and meet new people. In my son, I saw a growing passion and a heart for prayer. While at Roberts he and a group of friends would come together to pray for the campus each evening at 10 o’clock. Both my children were impacted and were able to influence others at Roberts.
— Cheryl Johnson, Program Coordinator at the Chesbro Center



Joshua Moore ’19

Roberts is a lens allowing me to see God’s blessings. In my first semester at Roberts, I saw God moving through others and myself. I feel very grateful for being accepted by others here in a way that I have never experienced before. My friends on the tennis team, SMAC, dorm mates and everyone in between have become my college family. They motivate me to be a stronger individual.
— Joshua Moore, Physical Education 2019



Kate Hill ’18

Roberts means opportunity. If I had not attended Roberts, I would never have gotten the unique experience I’ve had here. Maybe then, I wouldn’t have had the courage to study abroad at Oxford either. The support from professors here is almost like having second parents. They are really attuned to what you want to achieve and how to get you there.
— Kate Hill, Art & Business Major 2018