JP Anderson ’11
October 17, 2016
Kathleen (Gonyou ’02) & Doug Spencer Send Cheer from the Cayman Islands
October 26, 2016

Steven Metzger ’14, Physics Teacher at Victor Senior High School, Receives Golden Apple Award!

When asked what drives him to give so much to the students, Metzger gestured to his students and said, “These guys right here, just coming in for them every day and giving my best effort, I really love connecting with the kids, teaching them everything I can share with them to inspire that and to help them be the best person they can be.”

Metzger was the “first pick” for a job in several Rochester area school districts. His creativity, understanding of educational theories, and mastery of his subject were seen throughout his education. During one student teaching assignment, he captured the attention of his class with an engaging demonstration of wave theory using a slinky. His lesson afforded students the opportunity to use equipment, develop formulas, and identify the factors that affect the waves.

Within 48 hours of graduation, he was hired as a Science/Special Education teacher in the Victor Central School. Employers recognized in Steven the Roberts commitment to caring and effective teaching.

Metzger received his degree in Initial Adolescence and Special Education, M.Ed. , which prepares individuals for dual certification in Initial Adolescence and Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist.

Watch News 8 video of Mr. Metzger receiving award here.