Four-year Promise Launches for Fall ’18

Christopher Burleigh ’09
October 16, 2017
Holly M. Acito ’13
November 13, 2017

We promise a degree in four years.

Roberts Wesleyan College understands that students are looking to make the best investment, get a quality education and receive support for their future careers.

“We promise that you will graduate in four years or we will cover the cost of tuition for any additional coursework at Roberts required for graduation.”

Statistics show that the Roberts Wesleyan College 4-year graduation rate is nearly ten percent higher than the average SUNY rate. We believe our students are worth investing in and we have the faculty and community who care about the personal goals of each student! That’s why Roberts has decided to make a commitment to the next class of incoming freshmen, who meet the academic requirements and who work closely with their academic advisors throughout the four years, to graduate in that timeframe. We believe students should be able to graduate in four years and start the next chapter of their life—whether grad school or their first step in their career. If that they don’t graduate in four years, we will cover all tuition costs for any additional coursework at Roberts Wesleyan College needed for graduation. We promise that as the student does their part to invest in their own education and fulfill their responsibilities, we will do ours. In fact, we are so committed to our students’ futures that if they are not able to graduate in four years, they will receive the needed courses in the next semester at no additional cost in tuition. Students who succeed until graduation will more likely remember their college experience in a positive way. Our investment on their behalf can ensure this will happen. Together, we believe the unique Roberts education is worth it!

Share this with the students in your life. For more detailed information on the Roberts promise for a four-year guarantee; contact the Office of Admissions at 585-594-6400.